Do you have tools you no longer need?

Whether you’re doing a garage clear-out, downsizing your workshop, or finishing a construction project, we adopt surplus tools and help sustain their use for much longer, for many more users.

We are also keen to hear from tool manufacturers, construction companies, DIY outlets, and educational institutions who would be willing to support our library with donations.

Making a donation

Please say hello to us at and send the following information about your donation:

    • An image of your tool/s
    • A brief assessment of their condition
    • Your availability for dropping them off

Tool wish list

We have lots of tools in our collection, but there are a few that are more popular than others. Please let us know if you have any of the following that you’re willing to donate:

    • Power Sanders – these are our most popular tools – we can always do with more orbital and belt sanders, and we are keen to add an industrial floor sander to the inventory for members getting to grips with floorboards.
    • Lawnmower & Pressure washer – finding space to store gardening tools can be difficult, and when you only use them a couple of times a year it may not feel worthwhile owning them. That’s what we are here for !
    • PPE and Extractors – it is important to us that we can offer adequate equipment to keep you safe and your lungs free of dust, as well as your skirting boards!
    • Buscuiter – this is a must-have for wooden furniture and joinery projects – but it is not the first thing people think to buy – we want to be able to lend them instead.
    • Circular saws & Tracks, Mitre, and Bench Saws – these are all really useful for home renovation and joinery. From cutting sheet material on-site to trimming doors, and hitting the perfect angle for that window seat.
    • 18V+ Cordless Drills & batteries
    • Bike Trailer – because sometimes we need to move bulky items around and the bus just won’t cut it!

Tools we don’t need

Although we want to recoup as many tools as we can from waste or under-use, we are becoming incredibly limited in our storage capacity. Until we can take on more space we ask that you don’t donate the following tools:

      • Generic hand tools – primarily SPANNERS! We have an overflowing collection in all shapes and sizes.
      • Petrol-powered tools – these are too costly for us to maintain
      • Consumables – such as nails, drill bits, door handles. Please take the time to sort through the toolboxes you are donating. Whilst we are happy to accept organised/packaged boxes of screws, we do not have space or time to sort through boxes of mixed consumables.

Before you donate any tools to us we ask that you make the following considerations:

      • Assess repair/quality – If the tool you wish to donate is beyond a few simple repairs, such as re-wiring or blade-sharpening, we cannot take them from you at the moment. We do not have the workshop capacity to do any major repairs on electronic equipment, especially larger, more powerful items.
      • Age – if the tool is more of an antique, please get in contact with us directly with an image of the tool and some information. We may be able to sell the tool to a collector to support the tool library, otherwise, we may not be able to store the tool at the moment.

At the moment we are limited in our capacity to carry out pickups and we can realistically offer this only for larger donations & priority items – however, if this is your only option, let us know and we will do our best to organise a pickup service for you.

Reuse -Repair- Recycle

If we aren’t able to take on your tool due to its condition, consider taking it along to the Repair Stop at The Deep End, Nithsdale Street, or to your local repair cafe – with Repair Cafe Glasgow! Here you can learn how to repair your electronic equipment yourself with the help of experienced engineers.