What are the opening hours?

Our opening hours are every Saturday, 11am—1pm at our lending depot at Civic House, apart from:

Closed 26th December

Closed 2nd January

How do I become a member and take out tools?

You can sign up via our online portal here or in person. Head to our borrow tools page for more information.

How many tools can I take out at a time?

We have a maximum limit of 10 tools per member at a time. If you have a larger project that requires more tools, get in touch and we will do our best to accommodate.

How long can I borrow tools for?

We have a maximum lending time of 1 week, in order to give us time to quarantine the tools between uses.

I can’t return my tools on time, what do I do?

If you will be late in returning your tool, please let us know via email. We urge that this is only done in exceptional circumstances – the tools in the library are meant to be shared with our whole community, so we expect tools back when you’re done using them! If we aren’t contacted in advance of a late return, you may be liable to a fine.

We will be extending our opening times soon so that there are more opportunities to drop tools back to us in the week.

What do I do if a tool I’ve borrowed is broken, or I’ve accidentally broken it through use?

If a tool is not fit for use at the point of lending, please let us know via email and bring it back to us as soon as you can. We are doing our best to repair and maintain our collection of tools, but sometimes a few knocks and tears can slip the net! If you break the tool whilst using it, don’t worry, accidents can happen. Just let us know as soon as you can and we’ll get you sorted with a replacement.

I can’t see the tool I’m looking for in the inventory

Not all of our tools have been uploaded on to our system, and our collection keeps growing as we regularly get new donations. If you can’t see something you need, send us an email to check our inventory, or make sure to ask when you’re in the depot picking other tools up. We can always root around for you when you’re there in person!

Do you provide consumables?

We have a decent range of screws, bits and other consumables like sandpaper in the library that it is worth asking for when you’re at the depot. We don’t have everything though, so you may need to pop to the hardware store to get the things you need. If you use up a set of consumables that come with a tool (i.e sandpaper for electric sanders), we really appreciate getting the tool returned with some more ready for the next user.

I’ve got a bunch of old tools I need to get rid of, do you accept donations?

We do! The whole tool library is built on the generous donations of our community and local organisations. Head here for more information on making a donation.

Whats changed due to COVID?

  1. MEMBERSHIP EXTENSION – We are extending all existing memberships to renew in May 2021 – this is to make up for lost time over our closure period. You will receive an email with a ‘receipt of transaction’ including this information shortly (let us know if you don’t receive this!)
  2. NEW MEMBERS – For those who signed up while we have been closed, your membership will be activated from this Saturday – meaning that your membership will be valid until October 2021.
  3. RESERVE TOOLS – We will be lending tools on a RESERVATION ONLY system for the time being: this means you must log on to your MyTurn account, select the tools you wish to use and reserve them before midnight on a Friday, ready for when we open on Saturday. We are reducing the lending period to 1 week only, with no renewals. This is so that we have the time to quarantine the tools in between hires and to ensure that all members have access to the variety of tools.
  4. MEMBER AGREEMENT – Before reserving tools, you must read and sign our new membership agreements, which include our COVID-19 safety policy. This should happen automatically when you reserve tools.
  5. ID & PROOF OF ADDRESS – When coming in to collect your tools, you must bring in a copy of your ID and proof of address, even if you’ve done this before. As we’ve updated your membership, we need to make sure we still have up-to-date details!
  6. MASKS – Don’t forget to wear a mask when coming to collect your tools! Safety first!