Covid-19 Policy

Due to the current health crisis, GTL will continue to review and adapt the service in line with current government advice. It is our priority to keep our membership, volunteers, and staff safe whilst finding ways to support an economy of sharing and mutual learning. Please read through the policy to find out about the changes we are introducing and sign in agreement.

GTL will be providing a door-stop click+collect service for essential items, this will last throughout the period in which national lockdown restrictions are in place. Our priority is to  limit face-to-face interactions on-route and at the tool library, this is why we ask that members only leave the house in order to access tools if your need is essential. 

It is not for GTL to be prescriptive of what an essential need may be for you, however, if in doubt here are some examples that may provide some guidance:

A tool which you would otherwise purchase in a hardware shop because it is essential to use it. 

A tool which you require to fix or maintain your home, mode of transport or exercise equipment. 

A tool you are using for educational purposes. 

A tool which will allow you to maintain your wellbeing.

We ask that people walk, cycle or use private transport wherever possible and limit the amount of trips they make to hardware shops for consumables. Where possible GTL will provide consumables on a donation basis. Leave a message with you

For those who are shielding please get in touch if you require an essential tool and we will do our best to ensure you have access to the items you require, which we can organise on a case by case basis.  

Non-negotiable rules

Whilst we navigate the current health crisis and restrictions we will be a little less flexible than under normal circumstances, we are sure you understand the need. Please read the following list:

  • We ask that you don’t borrow or return tools at this point if you have been sick, are experiencing ANY symptoms of COVID19, or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for coronavirus in the last 14 days. 
  • Do not come to the tool library if you are quarantining eg. after traveling.
  • That payments, where possible, are made digitally
  • Reservations will be for one week at a time. This is due to the necessity of quarantining previously borrowed items and allowing space for our gradual phased reopening.
  • All tools should be fully cleaned and sanitised with cleaning products containing bleach or 70%+ alcohol before return.

How does it work?

  1. Search our online catalogue and reserve tools by 5.00 pm Friday ahead of collection from our Big Green Container located opposite Civic House the following day.
  2. Choose a reservation slot between 11.00 pm and 1.00 pm on Saturday, there are 8 slots available and they span 15 minutes.
  3. When collecting tools, make sure to arrive within your chosen time slot. If you get to Civic House and another member is collecting items please wait for them to leave the doorway and for staff to prepare your tools for socially distanced collection. Make sure to read any communication sent by our Tool Librarian before collecting as GTL will respond in-line with government guidance as it is issued.
  4. Enjoy the tools for one week, let us know if you experience any Covid-19 symptoms within this time that would mean you are unable to return the tools for the following Saturday. If you or any of your household test positive for Covid-19 after collecting a tool please inform GTL and we will be happy to waive any late fees until it is safe for you to drop them back. In this case please clean and isolate the tools from members of your household for 72hrs before returning them to GTL.
  5. Sanitise tools with 70%+ proof alcohol and place them in a bag, please note that general disinfectants are not always effective at eliminating viruses. Ensuring the tools, all parts, and packaging are disinfected is now mandatory.
  6. Return tools to Civic House the following Saturday between 11.00 – 1.00 pm. There will be a designated ‘drop-off’ area where you can place tools. If there are any issues with the tools you can let us know ahead of time by email or leave a note on the tool. Please maintain social distance from other members and wear a mask when returning tools.

Limited reservations

Tools will be unavailable for one week after a return whilst they are “quarantined”, they will be cleaned again just before going out. 

For the meantime GTL will be providing reservations one week at a time. You can still book multiple tools out but they will only be available for one week and they will not be available for reservation more than a week in advance. If you want to borrow a tool for a particular week, please wait until the depot closes at 1 pm Saturday (and we have assessed all our returns), you can then request to collect a tool the following week. 

If you are unable to make the collection please let us know so that we can make the tool available to other members, you will have the opportunity to re-reserve the tool for the next available Saturday in which it is safe to do so. 


If you have any thoughts about the changes to the GLT service please speak to us in person or alternatively fill out our feedback form.