The Glasgow Tool Library (GTL) works just like a normal library, but instead of sharing books we share tools.  Established in 2017, the tool library is a community-led social enterprise and collective that promotes sharing, collaboration and learning as forms of resistance, empowerment and resilience.

By creating a communal resource and community-run library we aim to challenge unsustainable relationships between use and ownership, promoting a more collaborative economy and society. Our aim is to bring communities together through the act of sharing by providing people with the tools they need to improve the objects, spaces and places that matter to them.

UPDATE – August 2020

Like many other organisations, we had to temporarily close our services over the past few months to aid in stopping the spread of COVID-19.

Although we are keen to reopen as soon as possible, the time away from the daily management of the tool library has given us an opportunity to reflect on the sustainability and future of the organisation.

Our aim is to make sure the tool library is around for a long time to come, which as an entirely voluntary organisation is a struggle to guarantee. We have therefore made the conscious decision to remain closed until we have someone in position to support the runnings of the library.

The GOOD NEWS is that we are now in the fortunate position to be able to hire someone – a TOOL LIBRARIAN – who will assist in the frontline services of the tool library.

The not-so-good news is that it’s going to take us a wee bit longer to get our new member of staff hired and up to speed before we can start lending tools again. We’re aiming for this to be around mid September 2020, but may take a bit longer.

Thank you for all your support, and your continued patience.