Important information about GTL’s funding situation, ways you can help & details about our upcoming Community Assembly

We are sad to say that Glasgow Tool Library has not been funded by the Scottish Government’s or Glasgow City. 


Despite an unsustainable level of consumerism, local authority commitments to grow the circular economy and a democratic recommendation from participants of the 2021 Climate Assembly to have resource libraries in every community in Scotland, there is currently not enough support available to sustain climate or circular economy projects such as ours.


Like many other third sector organisations, this has put us in a very difficult situation, leading to redundancies and reduced capacity to deliver our service. We’re currently redesigning our library service and unfortunately there are likely to be changes to the days we are open and how we operate.


We’re determined to find a way forward, however, without the support of local or national Government, we need your support to keep GTL going. We’d love to hear your ideas for how we can continue to transition our economy from a consumerist model that is destroying our planet, to a communal model that builds local resilience. 


How can you help? 

There are a number of ways you can and support us: 


  • Sign up!! – become a Member and use the service


  • Community Assembly – Join us on Thursday 27th April


  • Space – Do you have any tips to find a place to run the service for reduced / peppercorn rent?


  • Partnerships – If you think your housing association/university/college/charity would be open to building a mutually beneficial relationship with our fantastic resource then put them in touch!


  • We’re not doing a crowdfunder but… if you believe in us and you want to offer your support in that way then you can share a link to our donation button here


  • Corporate responsibilityDo you work for a business that dues has a corporate responsibility policy that aligns with our aims and objectives? Why not suggest that they support our local tool library by fundraising, providing volunteer hours or offering high quality donation


  • Volunteer –  We need people to offer regular support with maintenance, library delivery and administration, marketing and grant writing / business development. Get involved here

Maintenance Join our Maintenance Group and prolong the life cycle of our equipment 

Library – help run the service, prepare tools for collection and add exciting new donations to the inventory 

Marketing – help us spread the word to get Glasgow sharing and repairing 

Development – help us with grant applications, research and monitoring our impact


Community Assembly | Thursday 27th April | Civic House | 6pm-10pm

We want to gather together everyone who has a stake in sharing and repairing and discuss the ways in which we can build a culture of sharing in Glasgow.

Join us for a social evening of food, drink and speaker which provides an opportunity to hear from others involved in the circular and sharing economy movement and to discuss ideas for how we can continue to transition our economy from a consumerist model that is destroying our planet, to a communal model that supports communities. Come and discuss what’s already happening locally and nationally, and find out ways you can get involved in supporting Glasgow Tool Library.

Whether you’re a GTL volunteers, a tool library member, a partner organisation or you’re someone who’s interested in the circular economy on a local level, we want to see you there!