Kids Workshop: Hanging Mobiles (Ages 8+) at Studio Pavilion

29 October 2019 11:00—16:00

During this workshop we will be making hanging mobile structures, which participants will be able to take home at the end of the day. We will be using recycled materials and off-cuts to create unique shapes and patterns. Participants will use handsaws (after a safety demonstration) to cut the desired length of dowel for a cross structure, before using string and wood to attach blocks and finally painting in a range of colours.
Learning Outcomes:
– Introduction to Carpentry
– Understanding of tools and best practise techniques
– Basic principles of design and technical drawing
– Preparing cutting list
– Understanding of materials
– Scribing and marking wood
– Joint preparation and making
– Construction methods
– Finishing

We will cover:
• the use of commonly used hand tools like chisels, block planes, combination squares, sliding bevels, marking / mortise gauges
• a variety of hand saws such as tenon, compass, panel and pull saws as well as the use of drills to create the correct holes needed for your assembly dowels.

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