🛠 DO YOU WANT A TOOL LIBRARY IN YOUR COMMUNITY?🛠 BIG NEWS – We’re expanding our service across Glasgow into two (or more) communities through an exciting new drop off and collection service We’re looking for community groups or organisaiton in the east and west that can help us deliver this new ‘hub and spoke service’ by acting as anchor or ‘spoke’ locations Please share to get the message out there. If you’re interested in collaborating, head to our website’s info section or follow the Linktree to find out more information. #toollibrary #tools #borrowdontbuy #shareandrepair #powertools #handtools #diy #homemaintenance #craft #woodwork #hobby #sustainableliving #socialenterprise #circulareconomy #grassroots #community #glasgowtoollibrary #sustainability #sharing #library #reuse #recycle #upcycle #repair #Scotland #Glasgow #volunteers ️We had a great time on Saturday hanging out with @repairglasgow at @civichouse_ and @civicstreet_ We were working together to repair tools that needed some TLC and teach maintenance skills to some of our volunteers Together we’re trying to build a culture of sharing and repairing in Glasgow 🛠️#toollibrary #tools #borrowdontbuy #shareandrepair #powertools #handtools #diy #homemaintenance #craft #woodwork #hobby #sustainableliving #socialenterprise #circulareconomy #grassroots #community #glasgowtoollibrary #sustainability #sharing #library #reuse #recycle #upcycle #repair #Scotland #Glasgow #volunteers CLOSES TOMORROW Get your applications in by 5pm 12th May to apply for our role of Community Engagement Worker. Please share with any recent graduates who might be interested. For more information on how to apply, go to our opportunities section on our website or to www.gcas.co.uk#jobopportunity #job #opportunity #graduate #toollibrary #glasgow ️TOOL 800️ No. 800 is a precision drill press that can be used for jewellery, model@making or detail woodwork #ToolTuesday #toollibrary #tools #borrowdontbuy #shareandrepair #powertools #handtools #diy #craft #woodwork #hobby #socialenterprise #circulareconomy #grassroots #community #glasgowtoollibrary #sustainability #sharing #library #reuse #recycle #repair #Scotland #Glasgow #volunteers #volunteerGlasgow #commons #local #shoplocal #zerowaste Work With Us! Community Engagement Worker 6 month opportunity for recent graduates Help us build a culture of sharing and repairing We have an exciting job opportunity for recent graduates (from any level of university education) to work with Glasgow Tool Library on a 6 month part-time paid internship. We are seeking to employ a Community Engagement Worker who is responsible for delivering a National Lottery funded events programme titled “Building a Culture of Sharing and Repairing” and connecting with community members and groups across Glasgow. You are eligible if you are: – Unemployed or employed in a non-graduate level role that does not fit into your future career plan – A recent graduate (summer 2019>) from:Dip HE, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, or PhD levels of study Aged 29 or under Based in Scotland -Have the right to work in the UK* for the duration of the internships you apply to For more info visit our website or follow the link in our Linktree#jobopportunity #Glasgow #toollibrary #repair #reuse #events #tools #repairandshare #graduate


What are the opening hours?

Our opening hours are every Wednesday 5.00 – 7.00 pm & Saturday 10.00 -1.00 pm

What do the latest covid19 restrictions mean for the Tool Library? – April 2021 update

  1. We are now open for click+collection for non-essential items. 
  2. Members can self-renew reservations for another week, extending the maximum reservation length to two weeks. 
  3. Before tools are returned we ask that they are sanitised. However, if water-based disinfectants are used on metal tools they can rust so we ask that you use sanitiser that is +70% alcohol. 
  4. Things may feel like they are beginning to relax but don’t forget to wear a mask and practice social distancing when coming to collect your tools! Safety first!

What is the reopening schedule for GTL?

From 26TH APRIL we hope to open our doors for drop-in tool collection and browsing. This means you won’t have to reserve your tools, but we still advise you consider doing so to avoid disappointment. 

From this point onwards we will be following the local tier restrictions for Glasgow. We want to open up opportunities for volunteers and begin running workshops & events again as soon as it feels safe to do so.

Where can I pick my reservation up from?

Glasgow Tool Library is a green shipping container opposite Civic House.

Currently, this is the only location from which you can pick up tools, however, we are always happy to hear your ideas if you think there would be a place in your community for a tool depot.

How do I become a member and take out tools?

You can sign up via our online portal here or in person. Head to our borrow tools page for more information.

I can’t find the inventory!!!

GTL uses the portal myTurn to lend out tools, you can either go directly to the myturn.com site and log in or you can go to our borrow tools page and scroll down.

How many tools can I take out at a time?

We have a maximum limit of 10 tools per member at a time. If you have a larger project that requires more tools, get in touch and we will do our best to accommodate.

How long can I borrow tools for?

Tool reservations are automatically set to one week, however, if your project requires that little bit more time you can self-renew your reservation by logging into myTurn. The maximum loan length is two weeks. We ask in turn that members return the tools as soon as they can so that other people can enjoy them.

If you or your organisation need to borrow a tool for longer, we are happy to discuss the possibility, please get in touch!

I can’t return my tools on time, what do I do?

If you will be late in returning your tool, please let us know via tools@glasgowtoollibrary.com We urge that this is only done in exceptional circumstances – the tools in the library are meant to be shared with our whole community, so we expect tools back when you’re done using them. If we aren’t contacted in advance of a late return, you may be liable for a fine.

I want to loan some tools for a project but I don’t know what I need!!

We are happy to offer advice, just get in touch at tools@glasgowtoollibrary.com and we will do our best to help. No question is a stupid question and you don’t have to know the name of a tool to be capable of using it.

In the near future, we are hoping to provide how-to guides and DIY courses, please let us know if you have any specific requests!

What do I do if a tool I’ve borrowed is broken, or I’ve accidentally broken it through use?

If a tool is not fit for use at the point of lending, please let us know via tools@glasgowtoollibrary.com and bring it back to us as soon as you can. We are doing our best to repair and maintain our collection of tools, but sometimes a few knocks and tears can slip the net! If you break the tool whilst using it, don’t worry, accidents can happen. Just let us know as soon as you can and we’ll get you sorted with a replacement.

I can’t see the tool I’m looking for in the inventory!!

We are always getting new donations and so not all of our tools are uploaded onto the system. If you can’t see something you need or the quantity of a tool that you need, send us an email at tools@glasgowtoollibrary.com and we will be happy to check the inventory for you. You can always ask when you’re in the depot picking other tools up but sometimes rooting around the library and preparing a tool for a loan can mean a bit of a wait.

Do you provide consumables?

We have a decent range of screws, bits and other consumables like sandpaper in the library that it is worth asking for when you’re at the depot. We don’t have everything though, so you may need to pop to the hardware store to get the things you need. If you use up a set of consumables that come with a tool (i.e sandpaper for electric sanders), we really appreciate getting the tool returned with some more ready for the next user.

I’ve got a bunch of old tools I need to get rid of, do you accept donations?

We do! The whole tool library is built on the generous donations of our community and local organisations. Head here for more information on making a donation.