Hub & Spoke Delivery Service – Information for Potential Partners

Thanks for taking an interest in partnering with Glasgow Tool Library’s to launch our new drop off and collection service in the east and west of Glasgow.  

We’re really excited to make our service available to more people and working with the right partner is key to the success of this project. 

We are hoping to work with groups or organisations that are keen to challenge our wasteful buy-use-dispose consumerism and build a culture of sharing and repairing. 

Although many groups might be interested in collaborating, there are certain requirements that are necessary that will allow us to run our service. 

The final logistics have not been fully determined and it is hoped that some details can be agreed in collaboration with partners. 

If you are interested in providing a ‘spoke’ for this new service, please read the ‘Project Overview Document‘ for more information on the project.

If you want any further information on the project, please contact Chris Strachan to find out more:

Project Overview Document